As I sat and wrote, I fell in love with this emerging Princess, telling her own story in her own words. I got used to threading her account in between the history that’s been recorded. Wasn’t it Donald Rumsfeld who talked about “Known knowns, Unknown knowns, Known unknowns, and Unknown unknowns? I think he got laughed at a bit at the time, but I could see exactly what he meant. My story was filling in the gaps in the Known knowns with my very own blend of Unknown unknowns.

One of my more definite decisions was to keep the chapters really short. One of the things I like, when reading, is to do ‘just a tiny bit more, then I’ll put it down’. I think it’s kind to the reader. So I had fun with that. My publisher was goggle eyed at how some chapters only went halfway down the page, but I reminded myself that in my book, without being disrespectful, I was playing God. I could write anything I liked.

While we’re talking about fun, if you haven’t met me, but ask my friends, they will tell you about a guy who loves to laugh, and to make people laugh. someone for whom life can be looked at with eyes which always see the funny side, even in dark times.

Well I didn’t set out to write a comedy – and it certainly isn’t – but situations sprung from my mind which had even me laughing out loud as I wrote them!

And then – well doesn’t all life contain its darker moments? I have a friend who read one of the early versions. She phoned me and screamed at me, ‘Why did you let him die?’ So, there will be tears as well as laughter.

What more? Well you already know my heroine is a Warrior. And what do warriors do? Yes.

So you’ll find there are times when she is risking her very life, and there seems no way out. 

The End Is Nigh!

One of my reviewers, a film producer and script-writer, said I should have put a cliff-hanger at the end of every chapter. With over 60 chapters, I think I might give you all Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder if I did that! Nevertheless, there are times when your heart will stop – even if only for a moment, before the story lets you breathe again. If you’re searching for the word which expresses that, the jargon is ‘Gripping!’

And on that cliff-hanging note, don’t miss ‘What’s in the Book’!