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It’s Here!

Denua Warrior Queen

After many years in the making – it’s  here!
I’m proud to announce that Denua -Warrior Queen- is now available in print and on Kindle.
It’s for all of you who are fascinated by the early dark ages, how it was that England became England and France became France, but also for those who love a thrilling Romance based on true events, with the rescue of the “original” Princess in the Tower!
It’s easy to read, with lots of fun scattered throughout, but it has parts which will stop your heart – if only for a moment!
Meet Denua, a Royal Warrior, beautiful and strong, filled with the courage and faith which gave life to those hidden days. I hope she -and her El Elyon- will become familiar and dear to you.

This is a vivid and well-constructed tale, a pace blend of history and invention. The author holds the reins lightly with no trace of self importance, treating weighty matters with seriousness and humour.

Andy Raine, Author of Celtic Illustrations

This story gives the reader a fascinating insight into ancient British history.It has clearly been well-researched and the author has a detailed and encompassing knowledge of and love for his subject.

Mark Ezra, Film writer, director (Savage Hearts 1995),  producer (Waking Ned 1998), actor and children’s author.

This is a pleasing blend of fact and fiction set many hundred of years again a rarely written about period of history.

Susan Hardwick, Author of  ‘A Weaving of Peace’ and other titles.
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