My Odd Name

Several of you have asked me to explain my pen-name, ‘Gregge’. 
I come from a long line of Gregge’s. If you go to the graveyard at Pavenham, near Bedford, you’ll find some tombs of the rich ones. (The money went down another line – doesn’t it always?) 

What’s in the Book

My Heroine sees the very beginning of the transformation of Britain into Angle-land, and becomes a Queen in her own right, while she’s at it. 

The Emerging Princess

As I sat and wrote, I fell in love with this emerging Princess, telling her own story in her own words. I got used to threading her account in between the history that’s been recorded.

The Beginnings

What story to tell? Should I write about Vortigern, King of Rhegin? Then it hit me. Let’s write about his sister!

Why isn’t it Savant?

Last Blog I told you how Savant came to be written. And I left you with the cliff-hanger of how the book that’s coming out ISN’T Savant

How it all began

I wondered if some of you might like to know how ‘Denua -Warrior Queen’ came to be written? So I thought I’d write a blog to tell you! Here it is!